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Poutasi Development Trust
Description/achievement of initiative

(a) Providing employment opportunities; (b) Furthering education; (c) Developing skills; (d) Promoting and caring for the environment; (e) Fostering prosperity in Poutasi; (f) Promoting good health and improved nutrition; (g) Promoting a self-sustaining lifestyle (non-reliance on remittances); (h) Fostering the retention of traditional Samoan skills; and(i) Forming, establishing, and supporting and aiding in the formation, establishment and support of any other charitable institutions, associations, trusts or societies formed for objects similar to the objects set out above. In particular the Trust will: (a) Engage in projects that will earn income for the Trust; (b) Engage in projects to enhance the skills, enterprise opportunities and work for the people of the district in order to provide income for those people; (c) Use any profits made by the Trust in projects to support the above, and to support or improve the community or its facilities/infrastructure or environment; and (d) Provide other support and assistance consistent with this charitable purpose.

Implementation methodologies

PDT develops own source of income from creating enterprises that employ people and create a profit.TTF provides capital and development personnel for initiation of development projectsVSA provides technical expert volunteers for employment projects/enterprisesProjects must stand in commercial environment.PDT commercial projects provide income for social projects.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Natural enterprise growthOn site trainingExtra Training Courses in appropriate areas as possibleReal Employment

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

A trust boardTrust board led by local high chief Yearly coordinated commitment planning and budgets from all three parties


Poutasi Development Trust (PDT) The Tindall Foundation (TTF) New Zealand Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA)
Progress reports
Goal 14
11 permanent employees
70% of money earned returned directly to village people
more than 10 village family horticultural suppliers
Financing (in USD)
350,000 USD
Staff / Technical expertise
TTF supplies Project Coordinaor for 3 years and VSA has supplied 2 volunteers for 1.5 years

Basic information
Time-frame: 0000-00-00 - Ongoing
Poutasi Development Trust (PDT) The Tindall Foundation (TTF) New Zealand Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA)
Contact information
Bruce Russell, Project Manager, brucerussellws@gmail.com
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