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Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs)
Description/achievement of initiative

Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs), whose establishment and development is supported by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), are designed to provide innovators in developing countries with access to locally based, high quality services related to technology information. The aim of TISCs is to help innovators in developing countries to exploit their potential and to create, protect, and manage their intellectual property (IP) rights.Services offered by TISCs may include:- access to online patent and non-patent (scientific and technical) resources and IP-related publications;- assistance in searching and retrieving technology information;- training in database search;- on-demand searches (novelty, state-of-the-art and infringement);- monitoring technology and competitors;- basic information on industrial property laws, management and strategy, and technology commercialization and marketing.

Implementation methodologies

WIPO cooperates with its national and regional partners in over 40 countries to establish and develop TISCs. To date, over 320 TISCs have been established worldwide, responding to over 190,000 enquiries annually.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

As above.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

WIPO International Bureau.


Progress reports
Goal 17
Provide enhanced access to, and use of, IP information by IP institutions and the public to promote innovation and creativity.
Staff / Technical expertise
WIPO Secretariat Staff.

Basic information
Time-frame: 0000-00-00 - Open-ended
Contact information
Mr. Andrew Czajkowski, Head, Innovation and Technical Support Section, andrew.czajkowski@wipo.int
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