SME-CSR Initiative: Global Compact Network Spain effort towards the promotion of CSR among a total of 1000 SMEs
Description/achievement of initiative

Global Compact Network Spain will promote among SMEs CSR and the GC with practical and online training. Provide CSR management tool software for measuring the implementation of the 10 Principles.

Implementation methodologies

By provide training opportunities and software about measuring the implementations of principles. For further information. Please refer to the deliverables.


Official Credit Institute
Deliverable Date
Promote CSR among an estimate amount of 1.000 SMEs and Train an estimate amount of 1.000 SMEs on Global Compact and CSR 2012
Advise SMEs in identifying risks, developing policies and implementing actions and monitoring mechanisms for Human Rights, Labour Standards, Environment and Anti-corruption 2012
Support small and medium enterprises in developing the COP using the GC Spanish template for SMEs 2012
Analyze the environmental outcomes of 1000 SMS's through environmental indicators of the COP and calculate the carbon footprint of 1000 SMS's 2012
Help to reach the 20.000 signatories GC goal for 2020 2012
An estimate amount of 1.000 SME's join the Global Compact Iniciative 2012

Action Network
  • Global Compact
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