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SIDS Partnership in New Sustainable Technologies
Description/achievement of initiative

The UNCSD SIDS Partnership in New Sustainable Technologies is an outgrowth of presentations made at UNSIDS in Barbados and UNSIDS in Mauritius. The Partnership held several events at CSD at UN Headquarters which were regarded by the UNCSD staff as the most successful presentations ever held there. The Partnership issued the 40 Chapter GREEN DISC: NEW TECHNOLOGIES FOR A NEW FUTURE in partnership with the Jamaican Government at UNFCC in Copenhagen. This multimedia Gibby Green Thin Disc uses innovative web-enabled technology to produce discs that can be rolled up and inserted into magazines, but the primary medium is a freely accessible web site. The disc features extremely innovative, but underutilized new technologies that can be scaled from very small poor isolated communities to mega-cities, including renewable energy technologies, waste recycling, greatly enhanced agricultural and aquaculture production methods, new materials, ecosystem restoration, and adaptation to global warming and sea level rise, that are especially relevant to small island states. The articles are written by the inventors, innovators, and groups who are active in developing them. These include individuals, NGOs, and companies. As a free web publication, written in non-technical language suitable for policy-makers, funding agencies, students, and the general public, it will be continuously added to as a basic reference on crucial problem-solving technologies for sustainable development.The 2nd Edition will have at least 60 or 70 chapters. Four of the six editors are Jamaican scientists and engineers one is from Singapore, and the Jamaican Government is looking into holding a Side Event at UNSIDS in Apia to launch it.

Implementation methodologies

Almost all of these technologies have been applied on a pilot scale, often small due to lack of funds, but in some cases these technologies are achieving commercial success. The purpose of the partnership is get information out so that projects to implement them directly wherever most needed can be pursued by governments, companies, community groups, and NGOs. UNSIDS provides an essential platform for getting the information out to those who need these technologies but don't yet realize it, due to lack of information.Dr. Goreau has personally worked on coral reef issues in most of the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific SIDS, and is familiar with their coral reef and environmental issues, and will act as a liaison to network between technologies solutions and those with problems that would be best solved using them. The other editors have also worked in many SIDS, as well as other developing and developed countries.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

The Green Disc serves as a free resource for all those who seek information needed for capacity building and technology transfer.All of the many partners presenting technologies in the Green Disc are fully available to aid in Capacity-building and Technology Transfer projects, and they were specifically selected because their technologies were appropriate for problems in SIDS.Please note that the SIDS Partnership in New Sustainable Technologies was developed and registered as a UN Commission on Sustainable Development Partnership around 7 years ago, and made presentations at CSD which the CSD Partnership Office said were the most effective such presentations ever made at CSD.For some strange reason there appears to have been a glitch at the UNCSD Partnership Office which as accidentally prevented our access to our CSD Partnership web site. We should already be listed as an existing partner, and it is as a long standing CSD Partner that we wish to register in Apia. If however the computer errors mentioned above have somehow lost our registration as a currently registered CSD Partner, we wish to register again under the same name.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

The partnership has 6 Editors who solicit, review, and in some cases write articles. The broadest range of innovative technologies are included with a focus on those that are applicable to SIDS, but not being used to the extent they should because they are poorly known to the public, policy-makers, and funding agencies. The Editor in Chief, Dr. Thomas Goreau has published around 200 scientific papers and books on marine ecosystem restoration, soil fertility restoration, carbon sequestration, and reversing CO2 increase, among many other topics. Dr. Goreau was spokesperson for NGOs on Ocean Issues at UNSIDS in Mauritius, and at UNCED in Johannesburg. An Indonesian group he founded, Yayasan Karang Lestari, received the 2012 UN Equator Award for Community-Based Development and the Special UNDP Award for Oceans and Coastal Management at UNCED in Rio de Janeiro. He was formerly Senior Scientific Affairs Officer for climate change and biodiversity at the United Nations Centre for Science and Technology for Development, where he contributed to making the initial draft of the UNFCCC more scientifically-sound. 4 of the 6 Editors are from Jamaica, and one is from Singapore, and all have vast international experience.


It is not possible to list all partners in this space, as we are producing a work with nearly a hundred authors and organizations. The Global Coral Reef Alliance, and the Soil Carbon Alliance play lead roles in organizing the partnership, and the Jamaican Government will be organizing a Side Event for its launching.
Progress reports
Goal 14
Free Web site with full content of First Edition
The Green Disc: New Technologies for a New Future, Ist Edition given to all delegations at UNFCC Copenhagen
2nd Edition Web Site, to be be launched in Apia
The Green Disc, 2nd Edition, much larger and more accessible to be launched in Apia
Staff / Technical expertise
All the authors are technical experts and innovators in their own fields
In-kind contribution
The information contained is a free in-kind contribution

Basic information
Time-frame: 0000-00-00 - open-ended
It is not possible to list all partners in this space, as we are producing a work with nearly a hundred authors and organizations. The Global Coral Reef Alliance, and the Soil Carbon Alliance play lead roles in organizing the partnership, and the Jamaican Government will be organizing a Side Event for its launching.
Contact information
Dr. Thomas J. Goreau, Coordinator, goreau@bestweb.net
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