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GDF SUEZ has the ambition to develop biodiversity action plan at each sensitive site in the European union by 2015.

Implementation methodologies

GDF SUEZ uses natural resources and ecological services that generate interactions with biodiversity. Changes across ecosystems present therefore both risks and opportunities. The Group developed a comprehensive biodiversity policy with the French Committee of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN France). This policy states four main orientations:

To promote biodiversity awareness within the Group

To develop innovative solutions for the preservation of biodiversity in the Group sites

To ensure a transparent communication to our external stakeholders

To deepen the Group's commitment in favor of biodiversity

GDF SUEZ is committed to implement a biodiversity action plan at each sensitive site (i.e. presenting a potential risk of impact on biodiversity) in the European Union by 2015. The action plans are specific and focus on the preservation, conservation or restoration of the habitat and/or specie(s) in GDF SUEZ facilities located in the neighbourhood of protected areas.

employees, clients, local authorities, Small and medium entreprise, international institutions, european institutions, academic word (universities), associations will serve as supporting resources in achieving the targeted goals.

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open to additional partners.
GDF SUEZ has the ambition to develop biodiversity action plan at each sensitive site in the European union by 2015
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Location: France, European Union
Date of completion: 2015
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