Strengthening Energy Grid Stability to promote energy efficiency in the Caribbean
Description/achievement of initiative

The overall objective of this project is to reduce the carbon footprint of the Caribbean sub-region through the improvements in energy security. More specifically, it will:- assess the current status of electric grids in five countries of the Caribbean sub-region with a view to making recommendations for improving grid stability;- providing guidance to these countries in strengthening institutional frameworks to support improvements in grid stability;- provide analytical information that would inform the elaboration and adoption of action plans focused on grid modernization

Implementation methodologies

The following activities will support implementation of the project:(A1.1) Convening of stakeholder consultations in each country to obtain data and information on the state of existing grids and to also obtain recommendations on appropriate strategies for improving the stability and efficiency of the grids. The consultations would also facilitate discussions on grid improvements thereby allowing for sharing of information and building capacities in this area.(A1.2) Preparation of a grid stability assessment in each of the five countries that will present options and recommendations for modernization at the country level.(A1.3) Presentation of the draft assessments to each country to obtain feedback that would lead to their finalization.(A2.1) Utilising the results of the assessments, develop a training manual that would address the gaps in knowledge in grid stability especially to support disaster preparedness. (A2.2) Organisation of two subregional workshops that would utilize the training manual to build awareness and capacity of national experts in techniques for improving grid stability especially in times of disaster. (A3.1) Prepare promotional materials that would seek to inform the general populace in techniques that may be used at the domestic and corporate levels to improve grid stability including how it relates to adaptation and mitigation of the impacts of disasters. (A3.2) An external consultant will evaluate the impact of the project.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

The project will be made sustainable as it will build on the work on smart grids already completed for Jamaica and through the availability of technical assistance from ECLAC.Training manual will be prepared and 2 subregional workshops will be convened to build awareness and capacity and to ensure transfer of technology.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

It will be executed by ECLAC in collaboration with CDCC and CARICOM.


Progress reports
Goal 7
Increased knowledge of the electrical grid status of participating countries.
Increased capacity of national experts to achieve grid stability and emergency preparedness to facilitate modernization of electrical grids.
Increased awareness of participating countries on electrical grid stability and modernization
In-kind contribution
Financing (in USD)
900,000 USD

Basic information
Time-frame: 0000-00-00 - December 2016
Contact information
Diane Quarless, Director, diane.quarless@eclac.org
United Nations