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Supporting Grenada's national transformation to a Blue Economy Ocean State, and development of a National Blue Economy and Oceans Governance Institute
Description/achievement of initiative

The Parties join forces to support sustainable increases in the productivity of: - marine food systems, - single-use and multi-use coastal and ocean spaces, - coastal people's livelihoods that are threatened by climate change,- practices that contribute to sustainable use of coastal and marine resources.

Implementation methodologies

The Parties will develop a Blue Grenada Concept NoteĀ for optimizing Grenada's coastal, marine and ocean resources and for the establishment of a dedicated Blue Growth and Oceans Governance institute, which will be hosted in Grenada, and possibly extending this cooperation also to other Caribbean Islands and to Africa, Asian and Pacific island countries including Indonesia.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Grenada: Unique opportunities offered within its EEZ, including its many MPAs its fishing zones, its EU Fish Export License, its marine tourism potential, unique genetic biodiversity of the hemisphere's largest submarine volcano, the possibility of seabed minerals such as rare earth metals and potential oil and gas depositsThe Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs / DG Agro will share through a networked team of relevant partners knowledge and provide technical assistance to Grenada Ministry of Agriculture and Environment and Ministry of Tourism and other relevant Ministries to be determinded through the Prime Minister's Office.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

A Blue Grenada Concept note will be developed by both parties, including a sustantive program and concrete roadmap and the specific deliverables and benefits for each country.


- Ministry of Economic Affairs (DG Agro), Government of the Netherlands - Government of Grenada
Progress reports
Goal 14
End 2014
Substantive program
End 2014
Concrete Roadmap
End 2014/2015
Specific Deliverables and benefits for each country
Sept/Oct 2014
First mission to Grenada (to review conditions and marine area and to finalize the Concept Note and reach agreement on the way forward.
Staff / Technical expertise
funding by the government of the Netherlands, for the total period of the MoU

Basic information
Time-frame: 0000-00-00 - April 24, 2016/2017
- Ministry of Economic Affairs (DG Agro), Government of the Netherlands - Government of Grenada
Contact information
Saskia Tjeerdsma, Policy Officer MDGs - Post 2015 Agenda, saskia.tjeerdsma@minbuza.nl
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