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Sustainable tourism in Niue
Description/achievement of initiative

Niue is self-governing in free association with New Zealand. Since 2009, New Zealand and Niue have been working in partnership to promote tourism development as a key economic initiative for Niue. In 2009, in response to unsuccessful efforts in other sectors of economic development, he Premier of Niue, Hon Toke Talagi sought an increased focus on tourism development. New Zealand commissioned an assessment of the opportunities for tourism development which resulted in The Hall Report. The resulting report provided a wide ranging series of recommendations aimed at substantially strengthening the tourism sector's performance on Niue. This multi-pronged, multi-phase approach to tourism development in Niue addresses underlying issues often identified by SIDS of: access, capital investment and maintenance (including out of village development), and maintenance of cultural heritage.

Implementation methodologies

This partnership is delivered by the Government of Niue and Niue private sector partnership. Funding is provided by a range of high order modalities, including budget support, sector support (tourism marketing), an independent property development trust (Matavai Resort) and private sector support (Chamber of Commerce). This enables all aspects of tourism sector development to be addressed ranging from Air Services Agreements, tourism infrastructure, regulatory environment and development of service providers.Since 2009, New Zealand investments have focused on key tourism infrastructure, notably the Matavai Resort (the main hotel on Niue) and visitor facilities including the airport, the Tourism office, and development of a cultural heritage centre, as well as tourism marketing and private sector support.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

A range of delivery mechanisms are being used to progress Partnership activities/investments in tourism:- Undertaking tourism-related projects to improve wider infrastructure and accommodation. - Enhancing key tourism attractions and facilitating a programme of events and activities that attract both tourists and local participation. This has included village beautification (with direct involvement of the community), and establishing Cultural Tourism Centre to promote Niuean cultural heritage, language, values and identity.- On going dialogue between New Zealand and Niue partners on future investment in Niue tourism.As a result of this partnership, tourism is making a positive contribution to Niue's economy:- Visitor numbers have increased by 56% since 2009 - Overall tourist spend has increased by over 80% since 2009 - The increase in quality accommodation and tourist demand has led to a second weekly flight (from New Zealand to Niue) from May 2014 to November 2014 for the peak tourist season.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

The Partnership is governed through Niue and New Zealand's Joint Commitment (2011-14), which is aligned to the Niue National Strategic Plan. The Joint Commitment describes how New Zealand's development assistance in Niue centres on sustainable economic development - particularly tourism. The current Joint Commitment for Development concludes 2014. Niue and New Zealand are currently working to develop a new three-year Joint Commitment which will set the direction for the next phase of sustainable economic development based on tourism. In addition, regular dialogue occurs between political leaders and officials to enable a joint approach to meeting the goals of the Niue tourism sector plan.The Government of Niue manages local partnerships with the private sector and civil society.


Government of Niue, Niue Tourism Authority, Niue Chamber of Commerce, Niue Private Sector, Niue Tourism Property Trust, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)
Progress reports
Goal 8
Tourist infrastructure (e.g. sea tracks and tourist information centre) completed to form the core of a visitor experience.
Refurbishment and redevelopment of Matavai Resort along with new Matavai Motels and Matavai Villa adding over 30 high quality rooms to the existing 24 and enabling increased marketing and flights to bring visitors to Niue. Bookings up to 100% capacity through tourist season.
Government of Niue Air Services Agreement with Air NZ for a 2nd weekly flight to and from Niue through the tourist season leading to increased tourist numbers
Financing (in USD)
14,000,000 USD

Basic information
Time-frame: 0000-00-00 - 2014
Government of Niue, Niue Tourism Authority, Niue Chamber of Commerce, Niue Private Sector, Niue Tourism Property Trust, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)
Contact information
Richard Hipa, Secretary of Government, richard.hipa@mail.gov.nu
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