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Pacific Health Development Team: Bilateral Institutional Linkage Programme
Description/achievement of initiative

Counties Manukau District Health Board has an Institutional Linkage Programme with Samoa National Health Services which supports the development of improved and sustainable health services. This programme focuses on strengthening the governance and management of clinical and whole of systems health service delivery. It includes health workforce development, visiting medical specialists and an overseas treatment scheme. There is an on-going commitment to develop this programme in conjunction with the National Health Plans for Samoa. Counties Manukau Health (CM Health) is one of 20 District Health Boards (DHBs) that was established under the New Zealand Public Health & Disability Act 2000 and is a crown owned entity for the purposes of the Crown Entities Act 2004. CM Health provides health and disability services to an estimated 512,000 people who reside in the local authorities of Auckland, Waikato District and Hauraki District. CM Health is a not-for profit integrated health care delivery system. The District Health Board is responsible for services across the care continuum. CM Health provides, a wide range of specialist secondary services, a selected range of community services as well as a number of niche specialist tertiary services through our provider arm. The specialist services include:- Bone tumour surgery- Plastic, reconstructive and maxillo facial surgery- National Burns service- Spinal cord injury rehabilitation- National / regional renal dialysis advisory service- Neonatal intensive care- Breast reconstructive surgery- National Interventional bronchoscopy (stent and valve placement) service and medical thoracoscopy - Endoscopic ultrasound and endobronchial ultrasound.The majority of inpatient acute services continue to be provided at the Middlemore Hospital site.Vision: To work in partnership with our communities to improve the health status of all, with particular emphasis on Maaori and Pacific and other communities with health disparities.Core Competencies - We achieve our vision through our Triple Aim Strategy.CM Health Triple Aim Strategy objectives are: - Improve health and equity for all populations- Improve quality, safety and experience of care- Ensure best value for public health system resource Achieving a Balance (AaB) is the primary portfolios of work that will help achieve these objectives. AaB is being actioned through six Executable Strategies, known as programmes of work. These are:- Better Health Outcomes for All- First Do No Harm- Patient and Whaanau Centred Care- System Integration- Ensuring Financial Sustainability- Enabling High Performing PeoplePacific Health Development work in the Pacific RegionPacific Health Development at Counties Manukau District Health Board has received funding through agreements with NZAID through Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) to co-ordinate and provide Institutional Linkage Programmes and Strengthening programmes to the Government of Samoa (via the National Health Service) and the Government of Niue (via the Department of Health). Counties Manukau Health (CMH) has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of the Cook Islands and a development contract for Radiology Services with the Marine Training Centre in Kiribati. Pacific Health Development will continue to develop new initiatives with Pacific Island nations within the Pacific, being responsive to regional aspirations that includes and creates new opportunities for collaboration.

Implementation methodologies

- Health Needs Analysis ILP for health systems development- ILP Planning and co-design and development of an Achievable Results Framework- Supporting strategic initiatives that are sustainable- Target setting through an achievable results framework that is strategic, measurable, attainable, results- orientated and time bound.- A robust monitoring and evaluation framework to monitor progress towards core indicators.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

All components of the Institutional Linkage Programme focus on capability and capacity building of all levels of NHS from governance through to students. This includes Board Members; General Manager and Management Team; Clinical Governance and Medical Staff; Allied Health; Microbiology, Radiology, and Laboratory; Mental Health; Administration; and a broad range of other health professionals. Streamlined automated patient pathways for general medicine as well as specific pathways in some areas (e.g. elective surgery) will be implemented in 2014. Telemedicine is also available through Counties Manukau Health and Pacific Health Development is currently working on providing the opportunity for Samoa to participate in this low-cost solution to access quality training and health care services.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

- Memorandum of Understanding between CMDHB and NHS - Institutional Linkage Programme (ILP) for health service development with Samoa NHS and MFAT (NZAID)


Counties Manukau District Health Board New Zealand Samoa National Health Services Samoa
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Time-frame: 0000-00-00 - June 30, 2015
Counties Manukau District Health Board New Zealand Samoa National Health Services Samoa
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