Description/achievement of initiative

FAO has partnered with CARICOM through Letters of Agreement and joint projects to address a number of issues, including: food and nutrition security, agricultural health and food safety, land and water management systems and disaster risk management. Significant outputs from the collaboration include the formulation of a Regional Food and Nutrition Security Policy and Action Plan for the Caribbean sub-region, the preparation of national food and nutrition security policies and action plans and the establishment of a Food and Nutrition Security Information and Early Warning Systems for the CARICOM sub-region. FAO has also partnered with CARICOM in the implementation of the ╦ťJagdeo Initiative on Agriculture", a programme aimed at the alleviation of the key binding constraints to agricultural development in the Caribbean sub-region, through the provision of support as Lead Technical Agency for the constraints related to land and water management systems and disaster risk management.

Implementation methodologies

FAO and CARICOM have also collaborated to:1. host the regional consultation on Policy and Programmatic Action to address High Food Prices in the Caribbean in June 2011; 2. Support to the establishment Caribbean Agricultural Health and Food Safety Agency (CAHFSA); 3. Assist in the preparation and conduct of the Annual High Level Caribbean Week of Agriculture, hosted by a CARICOM country, and 4. Organize a regional workshop on the implementation and coordination of the Regional Food and Nutrition Security Policy and Action Plan.

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Alemneh Dejene , Climate Impact, Adaptation and Environmental Sustainability Team Leader , alemneh.dejene@fao.org
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