Eskom's Large Scale Renewable Energy programme
Description/achievement of initiative

Eskom is committed to diversifying its energy mix. To achieve this, Eskom is looking at a portfolio of renewable energy projects which will provide a sustainable and clean generation option.

Implementation methodologies

In line with government policy and objectives, Eskom supports the deployment of renewable energy and the ramp up of renewable energy industry in South Africa. Eskom has committed to move towards a cleaner energy future and is seeking to reduce its dependence on coal and diversify its energy mix. To this end Eskom has an active research programme investigating and harnessing of South Africa's renewable energy resources for power generation. In addition, and in support of its drive to diversify its energy mix, Eskom in April 2011 formed a Renewables Business Unit in order to drive all the renewables activities in the organisation, with the objective of entering and participating in the renewable energy business.


Deliverable Date
Wind Farm (100 MW) 2014
Pilot plant - Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy (100 MW) 2016

Action Network
  • Global Compact
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