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Solar Electric Light Fund commits to scaling up its Whole Village Development Model to help those living in energy poverty improve their health, education, economic, and agricultural development.

Implementation methodologies

SELF will continue to work with its existing partners such as the Clinton Global Initiative, NRG Energy, Inc., Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank, Partners In Health, and any new partners to secure the resources needed to implement the systems described in its commitment.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

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Clinton Global Initiative, NRG Energy, Inc., Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank, Partners In Health
Open to additional partners.
SELF will install solar electric systems at 11 health care facilities and one hospital located along the southwest coast of Haiti to improve the quality of medical services provided to more than 170,000 Haitians by powering lights, microscopes, centrifuges, autoclaves, vaccine refrigerators and other lifesaving equipment. In the central plateau of Haiti, SELF will support agricultural development and ensure food security through the implementation of one of its Solar Market Gardens and solar systems to power a fish farm, helping to deliver fresh fish to the people of the region and also spur economic development.
SELF will install solar energy systems to power two primary schools and one secondary school in each of the villages of Bessassi and Dunkassa located in northern Benin to power lighting and computers that will be able to access the internet.
SELF will begin installing eight new solar powered drip irrigation systems' SELF Solar Market Gardens in the villages of Basso, Kidaroukperou, Peonga, Kourel, Derrassi, Angaradebou, Gbessakperou, and Kalalville located in Benin, West Africa. Additionally, installation of solar energy systems to power water wells will be installed so that residents of the region may have access to clean drinking water.
To help improve the overall well-being of those living in the Benin villages of Bessassi and Dunkassa and throughout the surrounding region, solar energy systems will be installed at two health clinics to power facility and examination lighting, vaccine refrigerators and diagnostic equipment.
To further support educational development in the central plateau of Haiti, SELF will provide solar power to 20 additional schools. In addition, to help revitalize communities in Boucan Carra, Haiti, SELF will install solar systems to power two micro-enterprise centers that will support the development of small businesses. SELF will continue to work in Haiti to provide solar systems to power community infrastructure and services such as street lighting, water systems, microgrids, schools, health clinics, and agriculture.
SELF will continue implementing solar systems in northern Benin to further extend the development of its Whole Village Development Model, with systems being installed to power a micro-enterprise center that will enable small businesses such as barbers, cell phone charging stations, and others to establish themselves and provide services to local communities.
Sustainable Development Goals and targets
Goal 7
Resources devoted to implementation
This initiative does not yet fulfil the SMART criteria.
Location: USA, Haiti, Benin
Date of completion: 2013
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