ITC will continue to be carbon, water and waste recycling positive despite its fast paced growth
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ITC will sustain its status as a carbon positive, water positive and solid waste recycling positive enterprise even as its businesses expand rapidly with the creation of large sustainable livelihoods.

Implementation methodologies

ITC's vision to serve a larger societal purpose has led it to craft innovative business models that contribute to creating economic, environmental and social capital. ITC measures its performance across all the dimensions of the triple bottom line, details of which are available in its Sustainability Reports at www.itcportal.com.

In addition, ITC's Sustainability Vision is vigorously pursued through a dedicated social investment programme titled ‘Mission Sunehra Kal' that aims to empower stakeholder communities to conserve and manage their social and environmental capital.

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ITC will continue to retain its status as a carbon positive (sequestering more carbon that its emissions), water positive (generating rainwater potential more than its consumption) and solid waste recycling positive (recycling wastes from its units as well as post consumer waste) enterprise, depsite significant future growth in all its businesses including consumer goods, paper, packaging, hotels, agri business and information technology.
ITC's businesses currently provide livelihood opportunities to over 5 million people in India, may of whom represent the poorest in rural India. It will strive to create an additional 1 million livelihood opportunites in its value chains over the next decade.

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Time-frame: - 2022
State Governments and NGOs in India
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