Pomegranate Arils Project
Description/achievement of initiative

We work with young women aged 18-24 who have been brought up in orphanages affiliated with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and have been subjected to social and economic exclusion.

Implementation methodologies

In order to achieve the goal set by the commitment, this project works closely with public and private partners, through a progressive approaches like providing training and educational opportunities for young women, battling social exclusion approaches. poverty rate of women will substantially drop off and the employment rate will raise up. Regarding details how this will be achieve, Please redirect the following deliverables.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Ministry of Family and Social Policies
Progress reports
Goal 7
The prevention of violence against women: Their dispositions make them more likely to be exposed to violence and exploitation. When the reasons for young women coming to orphanages were studied, it was determined that the people who were exploited at a young age, were likely to be exploited again later on in life.
The increase of public, private and NGO partnerships: Via the press and social media, written messages stipulating the abolition of multiple discriminations towards the group we work with, were shared with the public. Throughout Boyner Holding companies communication activities were done for our clients.
The empowerment of young women: In our training programme developed in accordance to the groups needs; personal development, the development of job-seeking skills and women empowerment are included. The young women we work with have many sisters and are always in contact with the women they grew with inwithin the orphanages. The support provided can be passed on to those close to these women and these women themselves are encouraged to do so.
The increase of women's employment: Women raised in orphanages have problems in participating in and attending education and employment, which in turn causes problems when seeking gainful employment.
Battling social exclusion: Due to the fact that they are young, they are women and were raised in an orphanage they are subjected to multiple discriminations and social exclusion. They feel incompetent and consequently have self-esteem issues. Volunteers from the Boyner Group organize social, cultural and historical activities, which increases the intellectual development, self-confidence and motivation of the young women. Furthermore, through visiting companies in the private sector, the, the private sector knowledge of the young women is increased.
The prevention of women's poverty: Women raised in orphanages have difficulties participating in education and employment because they are coming from low social economic status. Hence, they generally suffer from poverty for a long time or life-long. By trainings about personal development, job-seeking skills, women empowerement, social inclusion, private sector knowledge, these young women become aare of their potential and job opportunities. Also, thanks to these trainings these women are empowered and do not suffer from poverty anymore.

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Time-frame: - 2013
Ministry of Family and Social Policies
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