Dynamic Tidal Power
Description/achievement of initiative

The project intends to assess the potential and technical and social feasibility of Dynamic Tidal Power (DTP)

Implementation methodologies

Through sponsoring 2.5 million euro on public-private R&D programme, supported by Ministry of Economy, Agriculture, and Innovation of The Netherlands.


China, Tsinghua Universtiy, The Second Institue of Oceanograpy,
State Oceanic Administration, P.R.China Hohai University,
The Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR), P.R.China,
Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute (NHRI), P.R.China,
Kepco Research Institute, South Korea
Open to additional partners
Deliverable Date
Determine most suitable sites for DTP implementation in China, Korea, and the UK. 2015
Complete detailed feasibility studies for two DTP pilot power plants in China 2015
Complete pre-feasibility study for one full-scale DTP power plant in China 2015
Worldwide dissemination of technical information regarding DTP among relevant target groups 2015
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
Financing (in USD) $3,243,750

Action Network
  • Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All)
, Director of POWER Group, hans.moll@strukton.com

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