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Description/achievement of initiative

We connect the dots working with different stakeholders (MFI, product supplier/distributor, customers) and providing them with training/tools to ensure the continuation of the process without us.

Implementation methodologies

The key aspects of our approach for achieving the goals are:

1) the participation of our MFI partners in the process, promoting the technology/products to their clients, and providing finance through microloans;

2) the linkage between our partner MFI in each country and a local distributor to constitute a sustainable supply chain.

3) the involvement of the MFI clients within the supply chain (when possible).

The role of Good Return is to act as a “facilitator”, firstly connecting the different stakeholders and secondly giving them the tools and knowledge to ensure the sustainability of the process, once the distribution system has been launched. To do so, we provide financial and technical support to our partners to develop the project with them. We have a team of three persons fully dedicated to work with our partners, both in-country and from the office to implement the program. Apart from human resources, our most important contribution is the capacity building of the actors involved in the supply chain about sustainable energy, to make the whole process sustainable in the long term: capacity building for the MFI staff so they can manage the project by themselves, capacity building of women at the village level so they can sell renewable energy products within their community and get additional incomes out of it, and capacity building of local retailers if no sustainable energy distributor has been identified in the target areas. Finally, we also assist our partners in identifying and selecting the products (renewable energy and energy efficient) matching the local demands, within the communities they serve.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


We are working with several Microfinance Institutions around Asia Pacific:

SECDEP in the Philippines,

Moris Rasik in East Timor,

Nirdhan Bank in Nepal,

South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) in Tonga and Fiji,

Credit Union Keling Kumang (CUKK) in Indonesia,

Thaneakea Phum (TPC) in Cambodia.
4,000 products sold by June 2013 across the 7 countries.
5 (out of 7) models operating with limited support from Good Return, by June 2013.
100 actors trained to facilitate the supply of sustainable energy products, by June 2013.
80% of the customers satisfied with the products and support, by June 2013.
Sustainable Development Goals and targets
Goal 7
Resources devoted to implementation
This initiative does not yet fulfil the SMART criteria.
Location: Australia, Philippines,Tonga, Fiji, East Timor,Indonesia,Cambodia,Nepal
Date of completion: 2013
Operating in countries
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