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International Advisory Committee will advise projects developed by micro enterprises from the developing world, on how to develop sustainable and market based business models.

Implementation methodologies

As an independent advisory committee established by the International Trade Centre (ITC), the purpose of the International Advisory Committee (“IAC”) for the Ethical Fashion Initiative of the Poor Communities and Trade Programme (“PCTP”) of ITC is to advise ITC on technical aspects of PCTP and specifically to the Ethical Fashion Initiative.

The PCTP aims at enabling micro-entrepreneurs from marginalized communities in the developing world to do business and thus trade their way out of poverty. PCTP uses an innovative development approach and operates through an inclusive business model and methodology developed by ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative, i.e. a business model that allows micro-entrepreneurs in the developing world to create income and wealth through their own work and to strengthen the international competitiveness of micro-enterprises. This inclusive business model builds capacities for social enterprises, thus allowing marginalized informal entrepreneurs to get involved in the formal economy, within a given value chain. The project-based cooperation supports the micro-enterprises with a business infrastructure that frames and enhances all productive processes in which they are involved.

The PCTP is an ongoing programme funded by the International Trade Center.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Osklen (Brazil) and others from the fashion industry and global business community.
The IAC shall comprise 15 members of integrity and objectivity and who have proven experience in senior positions in the following areas: fashion industry and producers, designers, innovative entrepreneurs, international business advisers, banking and finance. Also, the IAC shall include experts with at least one representative from a regional development bank, from international, regional, subregional organisations or non-governmental organisations active in the field of womens empowerment and environment. The IAC will review 10 project proposals to be implemented around the developing world by micro entrepreneurs within the next year.The IAC will review 10 project proposals to be implemented around the world within the next year.
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This initiative does not yet fulfil the SMART criteria.
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Location: Brazil, developing world
Date of completion: 2013
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