ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative, Instituto-e, Carmina Campus network for product development with the Associacao Nacional Dos Carroceiros E Catadores de Materiais Reciclaveis (ANCAT) Brazil and their large network of micrproducers.
Description/achievement of initiative

To create a network for product development capacities with sustainable materials & products, with international fashion brands, enabling microentrepreneurs to incorporate international value chains.

Implementation methodologies

The ITC Ethical Fashion Inititiave partnership with Instituto-e and Carmina Campus will develop a network for product development capacities with sustainable materials and products, involving international designers and fashion brands, enabling micro-entrepreneurs to be part of the international value chain of fashion and lifestyle products. This partnership will benefit improved livelihoods of thousands of catadores microproducers who are members of ANCAT.


ASSOCIACĂO NACIONAL DOS CARROCEIROS E CATADORES DE MATERIAIS RECICLĂVEIS - ANCAT (Brazilian movement of garbage collectors of recyclable materials), Brazil.
open to additional partners
Deliverable Date
The first result of this collaboration between Instituo-e and ITC's Ethical Fashion Initiative will take place in November 2012 during Expo-Catadores in Brazil - an annual event showcasing the recycling work of Brazil's garbage collectors, the Catadores. The partnership will also aim to assist in developing a product with the Catadores. In the run-up to Expo-Catodores, the product development network will collaborate with the Catadores movement, enabling them to develop new products in the value chain of handicraft and lifestyle through a joint inception project. 2012

Action Network
  • Global Compact
, Chief Technical Adviser Ethical Fashion Initiative, Poor Communities &,

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