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Our 20-year goal for 2030: Triple the value we create for the footprint made by our operatons, products and sercices. We summarize this ambition to become three times more efficient as Factor 3.

Implementation methodologies

To successfully implement our strategy and drive sustainability in our business process, we have defined three strategic principles - products, partners, and people. Our products deliver more value for our customers and consumers. We achieve this through innovative solutions and education, and through products that offer better performance with a smaller footprint, thus saving resources and reducing other negative environmental impacts. Our partners are key to driving sustainability along our value chains and in all areas of business and life. We support them with our products and expertise. At the same time, we help our customers and consumers to reduce their own environmental footprint. To do this, we collaborate with selected suppliers, so that they can supply us with raw materials that have an improved ecological footprint. Our people make the difference through their dedication, skills and knowledge. They make their own contributions to sustainable development, in day-to-day business and in their local communities. They interface with our customers and consumers, make innovation possible, develop successful strategies, and give our company its unique identity.

More information about our commitment see our latest online sustainability report 2011 at Henkel, Sustainability Report 2011


Suppliers, customers and consumers, Open to additional partners.
Deliverable Date
With our 20-year goal in mind, we have set concrete interim targets for our focal areas. Overall, we aim to increase our efficiency by 30 percent by the end of 2015 - that is, an improvement of five to six percent per year. 2015
Energy and Climate: - 15 % less energy per production unit 2015
Material and Waste: - 15 % less water per production unit 2015
Water and Wastewater: - 15 % less water per production unit 2015
Safety and Health: + 20 % safer per million hours worked 2015
Performance: + 10 % more net sales per production unit 2015

Action Network
  • Global Compact
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