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RMIT-wide SDGs project
Description/achievement of initiative

RMIT, represented by its Sustainability Committee, is currently undertaking an ambitious and innovative project to raise awareness of the SDGS across the academic areas of the University and demonstrating our capabilities in partnering with industry, government and community to achieve them. The RMIT-wide SDGs Project aims to improve University accountability in relation to its contributions to the SDGs. To do so, an innovative approach has been undertaken to map, measure and communicate our contributions to the SDGs. This will be reported annually through our website and sustainability report.

Implementation methodologies

This project has 4 phases: (1) Raising Awareness, (2) Our Capabilities, (3) Collaboration Opportunities, and (4) Measuring and Reporting. • Raising Awareness - This initial phase is directed at developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy to increase internal and external stakeholders’ awareness of the SDGs. This is an important initiative that goes well beyond documenting awareness of the SDGs to disseminating RMIT’s commitments to the SDGs and documenting the important role universities can play in advancing the 2030 Agenda. • Our Capabilities - This phase establishes, analyses, and maintains a record of RMIT’s SDGs expertise through a mixed approach, which incorporates both quantitative and qualitative data. Our Capabilities work enables identification of relative strengths, as well as gaps that may need to be addressed. • Collaboration Opportunities - One of the goals of this phase is to foster internal and external collaboration and facilitate interlinkages and partnerships, to advance the SDGs. • Measuring and Reporting - Designing and implementing a measurement process to report on RMIT’s contributions to the SDGs is one of the goals of this phase. This process is an important strategy for improving both accountability and transparency. This phase also explores opportunities to further align our sustainability performance and reporting process with the SDGs.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


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Annual Reports on Progress
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Basic information
Time-frame: 2018 - 2020
RMIT University
Contact information
Renzo Mori Jr, Senior Advisor, Sustainable Development, renzo.mori.junior@rmit.edu.au
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