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Bafut Ecovillage
Description/achievement of initiative

Bafut Ecovillage accelerates local climate action through implementation of ecovillage design education for sustainable development, using permaculture the African way. The project is designed under the auspices of the Global Ecovillage Network, GENAfrica, and International Permaculture Convergence, to promote sustainable lifestyles and education in Africa, and promote networking and sharing of information of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) between operators of African ecovillages and experts on climate change in local councils.

Implementation methodologies

Bafut Ecovillage combines indigenous knowledge and science in a concept called “Permaculture the African Way” which serves and facilitates the wider permaculture practices through ecovillage design education for sustainable development. By creating school and community gardens, Bafut Ecovillage is expanding areas available for food growing and maintenance of healthy ecosystems, developing water catchments, building wells and improving landscape design. The next big step is designing our worker-owned permaculture cooperative called BetterCOOP, and aligning it with other consumer cooperatives for enhancing sustainable lifestyles and education in Africa.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Youth entrepreneurship and adult education play a key role in our quest for sustainable solutions. Bafut Ecovillage is hosting workcamps and youth exchange initiatives with a vision of presenting creativity, and striving to reduce its carbon footprint under very austere conditions

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

Better World Cameroon (BWC) monitors social enterprise development policy in Cameroon and aims to influence it, together with members of the Cameroon One World Linking Association (COWLA), NextGEN Association of Global Ecovillage Network GENAfrica, Transition to Resilience, Local Councils for Sustainability ICLEI International Permaculture Convergence IPC and Community University Partnerships CUPP of the University Brighton in all phases of planning and decision making. BWC, for example, produces expert opinions expressed on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and BridgeAfrika, and is heard both in European Institutions and at the national level in different ministries. Contact have been made with related ministries of our organizing partners: GEN, NICE Japan, Solidarites Jeuness France, and Voluntary Action for Peace UK, with the aim of promoting the knowledge of Cameroon NGOs involved with youth, women and environment on international development cooperation and their advocacy opportunities.The focus of BWC’s advocacy is on observing advocacy coherence for awareness raising and networking to influence the government’s decisions on youth development. BWC also observes the coherence between social development cooperation and other policy sectors, especially in development education, regenerative agriculture and environmental issues, and poverty and immigration among youth. Geographically, a special focus is on African youth inter-agency cooperation.The “Together for a Better World” international summer work camp is organized every year from August 1-21, and includes regular trainings on global education and international cooperation. Each year, BWC coordinates thematic working groups to exchange latest news on development education, the sustainable development goals, and non-formal youth education.


LUSH Cosmetics, Ndanifor Gardens UK Trust, Global Ecovillage Network GENAfrica, International Permaculture Convergence, Cameroon Catalyst.
Progress reports
Goal 2
Goal 8
Goal 12
Goal 13
Goal 15
Goal 17
September 2016
One water catchment in each of the 53 villages
September 2017
School and community permaculture gardens in each village planting 5000 trees
September 2018
Upscaling and expanding Ndanifor Permaculture Test fields as an international partnerships platform
September 2019
Producing how-to video films in all villages and putting on Youtube
Financing (in USD)
200,000 USD
Financing (in USD)
400,000 USD
In-kind contribution
Land gifting in Bafut community
Staff / Technical expertise
North-south partnership capacity building
Staff / Technical expertise
North-south partnership capacity building

Basic information
Time-frame: December 2012 - December 2020
LUSH Cosmetics, Ndanifor Gardens UK Trust, Global Ecovillage Network GENAfrica, International Permaculture Convergence, Cameroon Catalyst.
Contact information
Joshua Konkankoh, Director, foundation@betterworld-cameroon.com
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