Reporting year: 2015
Achievement at a glance
FRAmericas has secured the support of the Triple Helix Association (THA) members, by helping disseminate FRAmerica’s SDG 17 project and encourage its membership’s participation. THA’s Magazine “Hélice” published on September 3, 2015 included a full description of the SDG17 project in its “News from the Americas” section.
Challenges faced in implementation
FRAmericas is developing a pilot, in coordination with other NGOs. If successful, the Project would allow the NGO community associated to the SDG effort to develop observations on financing effectiveness and efficiency through the analysis of outputs, outcomes and impacts from Civil Society efforts. The Program will, of course, generate only case-studies and casuistic data, but it is FRAmericas’ hope that its results may induce the UN system to support further work along those lines.The identification anf participation of other NGOs has been challeging
Next steps
a. Construct a data base to collect, verify and register activities undertaken principally by civil society organizations world-wide that respond to the selected target indicators;\r\nb. Create an open platform which registered organizations can access and contribute their inputs to the data collection effort, and where they can interact with each other, creating synergies and opportunities for collaboration; \r\nc. Collect data that will allow further analyses on: (i) effectiveness and efficiency of investment through CSO to achieve the indicators selected for the project; and (ii) differential impact of innovation products, services and processes that can be replicated and scaled-up on selected development indicators;\r\n
Measurable outcomes
NGOs involved in the SDG17; ECOSOC
We connected the NGOs in a network to measure the impact of technology on Development. this work complemented the action of ECOSOC
December 2015
Linkages to the United Nation's SDG organized efforts created
March 2016
Indicators for the Meta Data Base (MDB) selected
Status of initiative
On track
United Nations