Reporting year: 2015
Achievement at a glance
Consultation with IUCN on Life cycle project. Project awareness- Cook Islands 50 days for 50 years anniversary bicycle campaign- promote clean, green and healthy environment and people.
Challenges faced in implementation
Promoting bicycles as mode of transport in Nauru, Niue and Tuvalu. identifying partners in developed countries who are willing to shipped second had good quality bicycles. Funding for purchase of good quality bicycles to be piloted in Nauru, Niue and Tuvalu.
Next steps
Fundraising activities- Continue to consult with good established networks such as Bicycling Empowerment Network Namibia and other Non -Profit organisations in Australia to find opportunities for supply of 2nd hand good quality bicycles for the pilot phase. Develop of promotional materials and project awareness working with youths in these countries to promote the use of bicycles to work.
Measurable outcomes
everyone ( men and women, children)
1) Promote the use of bicycles as the mode of transport to travel to work, school etc. will reduce the country’s imports on fossil fuels; 2) Reduction in NCDs rates through the promotion of healthy lifestyle (cycling); and 3) Empower youth through small-micro finance business in establishment of a workshop ( assemble, repairs and maintenance of bicycles)
Status of initiative
On track
Supporting Documents
United Nations