Reporting year: 2015
Achievement at a glance
After our first year, we have sponsored 15 orphans and disadvantaged children so far, providing them free access to education. We also have sponsored 5 families / disabled women, providing them food staples on a monthly basis. We have founded four sister associations in France, Senegal, Gambia and Luxemburg contributing to this initiative.
Challenges faced in implementation
Next steps
Our next step on mid term is to sponsor all the orphans and disadvantaged children enlisted in the boarding school at this time, appr. 20-25. On the long term, by end of 2017, we are aiming to build a boarding school complex with social and medical care facilities in Taiba Niassene, a village in the Kaolack region.
Measurable outcomes
orphans and disadvantaged childs, disabled women, chronic ill
Orphans are given free access to education by sponsoring the fees of boarding school. Disabled women were sponsored with food staples to improve the financial situation of their families. Medical assistance was provided to those who were not able to buy prescribed medication.
December 2017
Orphans have increased access to free education and a stable learning environment. Local schools have improved their equipment such as personal computers, laptops or tablets
December 2017
Medical assistance has improved for the poorest among the population. Underprivileged families have increased access to free medication for chronic deseases
December 2017
Disabled women and widows have increased access to resources and services to assure their nutrition security, and a greater financial capacity to enhance their income opportunities and participation in small scale businesses
Status of initiative
On track
Supporting Documents
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