Reporting year: 2016
Achievement at a glance
SDGs 16 & 17 became inspiration for seeing the dream of a greater South Asian Union (SAU), a union on or near the model of the European Union. The presented document is the synopsis of the book on SAU titled "Crescent & Dove: A Millennium of Giving Peace a Chance." Its objectives discuss and reason the very possibilities, probabilities, mechanics and dynamics required for the uplift of the masses in the South Asian region, specifically the flashpoints of the world, India and Pakistan. Realizing the dream of IKDAR, cobbled with the UN partnership, will ensure 'no one is left behind.'
Challenges faced in implementation
Next steps
The publication of the book, "Crescent & Dove: A Millennium of Giving Peace a Chance" on the South Asian Union (SAU) will set forth a roadmap for realizing the dream of achieving universal justice, peace, security, prosperity and sustainable human development. The book will highlight the pyramid and all steps required for achieving this goal while shaping and reshaping all the stakes of all stakeholders, seeking conflict resolutions, reviewing previous treaties, adding historical factors, detailing geographical & demographic data and unearthing the issues in the hindsight. The United Nations and IKDAR will bring forth all the financial resources, technical expertise, thoughtful developmental academic research and encourage inclusiveness of all the partners involved in order to reach the core sustainable development goals 16 and 17 by 2030.
Measurable outcomes
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives - Extending to Afghanistan & Iran
The future reaping benefits of the South Asian Union (SAU) will be elimination of constant danger and threat of nuclear war in the region which can result in World War III. The signing of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) and Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) by both nuclear states, India and Pakistan, is crucial for the creation of SAU for a larger than life benefit for mankind regionally and internationally. SAU will ensure good governance, powerful accountable & transparent institutions, healthy public-private partnerships, equitable regional growth, strong financial markets, macroeconomics, fiscal management, beneficial trade & competitiveness, alleviation of poverty, quality education, updated technological advances, enhancing health & well-being, proper nutrition, controlled population, social protection, regulated labor, extensive agriculture, natural resources, green environment, protecting climate change, innovative industry, renewable energy, zero-carbon emission, clean transport, water management and social, urban & rural resilience for sustainable human development across the borders. The book, "Crescent & Dove: A Millennium of Giving Peace a Chance," will be discussing in detail the far-reaching benefits of all involved and extended states along with the rest of the world.
Status of initiative
On track
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