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Reporting year: 2016
Achievement at a glance
Since its launch 10 years ago, the Global Island Partnership has engaged high-level leaders to catalyze close to US$150 million for island action and assisted more than 30 countries to launch or strengthen major sustainable island commitments. GLISPA showcases island commitments, such as the Aloha+ Challenge and Micronesia Challenge, as bright spots on the international stage to inspire new leadership and encourage investment to scale and replicate what works.
Challenges faced in implementation
Maintaining finances to support core functions of the Partnership, specifically the USD500k needed annually to have a full time 3 person coordination team.
Next steps
In 2016, GLISPA launched its 2030 Strategy and are committed to achieving these goals and priorities. In 2015, GLISPA launched its Impact Dashboard: https://impact.glispa.org. This Dashboard is publicly available.
Measurable outcomes
During COP21 Paris, the Government of Seychelles and creditors from the Paris Club and the South African Government announced the closing of the first ever debt restructuring for climate adaptation of USD25.9m. The financing promotes implementation of a Marine Spatial Plan for the entire Seychelles Exclusive Economic Zone as well as ensures 400,000 km2/98.9 million acres (an area larger than the size of Germany) will be managed for conservation as marine protected areas (MPAs) within five years. The debt swap agreement was supported by The Nature Conservancy through the GLISPA platform and brought together public and private financial support, including from the Waitt Foundation and Oceans 5. During the high-level side event that officially launched the debt swap hosted by Seychelles at COP21, the nations of Palau, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Jamaica and Grenada announced their intentions to undertake debt swaps with the support of GLISPA and TNC.
Status of initiative
On track
Supporting Documents
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