Reporting year: 2013
Achievement at a glance
For the first year for the Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers Commitments, we believe that solid progress was made and a strong foundation established that will allow accelerated progress and deliver impactful results over the next four years. In 2013, Commitments signatories defined measurable targets for all action areas; ran 135 underage programs, reaching nearly 1 million youth with alcohol education, and more than 500,000 adults; determined that 96% of advertising in 7 countries is compliant with ad placement rules; found that none of the signatories products contained excessive stimulants; and continue the support for drink driving prevention.
Challenges faced in implementation
Next steps
We are pleased with the progress made in 2013. We know there is still a long way to go and are confident that we have the building blocks in place to make sustained and accelerated progress. Our priorities for 2014 are the following: Reducing underage drinking Launching the Alcohol Education Guide: Reducing Underage and Other Harmful Drinking Disseminating and developing programs based on the Guide Strengthening and expanding marketing codes of practice Launching our Digital Guiding Principles Expand monitoring of 70/30 compliance with regard to television advertising Providing consumer information and responsible product innovation Launching a dedicated website for consumers Reducing drinking and driving Completing our evaluation of the six existing initiatives and putting them on a sustainable long-term footing Beginning the extension of the program to up to six new pilot countries Enlisting the support of retailers to reduce harmful drinking Launching our guiding principles on responsible retailing
Measurable outcomes
Raised global awareness of the health, social and economic problems caused by harmful use of alcohol, increased commitment by governments to address the harmful use of alcohol; Strengthened knowledge base on the magnitude and determinants of alcohol-related harm and on effective interventions to reduce and prevent such harm; Increased technical support to Member States for preventing the harmful use of alcohol and managing alcohol-use disorders and associated health conditions; Strengthened partnerships and better coordination among stakeholders and increased mobilization of resources for appropriate and concerted action to prevent the harmful use of alcohol; Improved systems for monitoring and surveillance at various levels, and more effective dissemination and application
Dec 2017
(1) Reduced underage drinking
Dec 2017
(2) Strengthened and expanded marketing codes of practice
Dec 2017
(3) Consumer information provided and Responsible product innovation carried out
Dec 2017
(4) Reduced drinking and driving, and (5) The support of retailers enlisted to reduce harmful drinking
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