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Reporting year: 2021
Achievement at a glance
The IIMSAM/DXN Campaign started its delivery of Spirulina on 21 January 2021- The 3 months Spirulina Programme distributed to 500 children 2-3 grams of Spirulina daily for 90 days. Distribution took place in the State of Tamil-Nadu-India.
Challenges faced in implementation
Social Distancing regulations, Bottlenecks in customs in the delivery of Spirulina. Red-Tape from the Governmental Sectors.
Next steps
IIMSAM/DXN will be expanding its distribution of the free spirulina campaign for one million children internationally-giving priorities to the most needed regions.
Measurable outcomes
At the end of the ten years campaign we are projecting one million malnourished children would benefit.
Spirulina its a most effective food supplement in fighting acute-malnutrition. It is therefore a priority for us to create a dent into this perennial killer of children and others.
Status of initiative
On track
Supporting Documents
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