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News by Topic: Energy
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Project for solar-powered electric boat transport in the Middle East and North Africa receives USD1 million UN Energy Grant
14 Dec 2016 - Winner of UN Energy Grant 2016
Powering the Future We Want: special grant for sustainable transport
11 Jul 2016 - Mr. Juwang Zhu, Director of the Division of Sustainable Development, UNDESA
Call for applications for the 2016 UN-DESA Grant on Energy for Sustainable Development
2 May 2016 - Deadline 15 July 2016
More support needed for national implementation of Energy SDG, targets and indicators
8 Dec 2015 -
We Care Solar is awarded US$1 million United Nations Energy Grant to expand the use of life-saving Solar Suitcase
14 Sep 2015 -
A million US dollar grant promotes energy for sustainable development
20 Mar 2015 - A million US dollar grant has been launched by the UN to promote leadership and innovative practices in energy for sustainable development.
Capacity Development Workshop on Mainstreaming the SDG on Energy
1 Mar 2015 - DSD, UN Statistics Division, UN-Energy, Sustainable Energy for All, the World Bank and the IEA organized a workshop on capacity development.
New $US 1 million UN Grant for leadership and innovation in sustainable energy is now accepting applications
1 Feb 2015 - A new programme that will offer $US 1 million to institutions or individuals.
New million dollar DESA Grant to promote sustainable energy
1 Dec 2014 - Mr. Wu Hongbo at the first meeting of the Advisory Council for a newly created UN DESA Grant promotes sustainable energy.
General Assembly’s Second Committee discusses Sustainable Development
1 Oct 2014 - Second Committee meeting on 15 and 16 October 2014
Mr. Wu’s Blog on Sustainable Energy
21 Aug 2014 - UN Secretary-General convened the Sustainable Energy for All Forum.
Commitments to improve energy access for rural areas announced at Global Conference
1 Jan 2014 - "A Nexus Approach to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication"