NSDS Training Manual - Summary
Developing National Sustainable Development Strategies in Conflict-Affected Countries

Development Account Project (ROA 105)


UN Photo/Eric Kanalstein

This manual describes a workshop method that enables participant experts to contextualize and adapt the material provided in the Guidance Notes - Developing National Sustainable Development Strategies in Post-conflict Countries' (GN).

The workshop provides an exploratory process to help development policy-makers and other stakeholders in conflict-affected countries address their unique contextual challenges. The intention of the workshop is to facilitate creative thinking and the application of the Guidance Notes material, and enable the participants to critically analyze the development contexts and brainstorm ideas that can inform a conflict-sensitive, cross-sectoral national sustainable development plan.

The workshop is to be held over two days and will convene 30 ~ 50 national and international experts, focusing on one specific country or on a group of countries. The location and the timing of the workshop should be adapted to suit the target group and to build on forthcoming development opportunities.

This training manual is complementary to the Guidance Notes (GN) and should be thoroughly reviewed by users of this workshop manual before training is developed and implemented. A successful workshop requires the contextualization of the GN material by the workshop facilitators and by the participants. To help support this process each workshop session references pertinent GN sections that can be applied by facilitators and participants.


The workshop manual contains:

    • Session 1: Opening remarks
    • Session 2: Introduction to the workshop objectives and participants
    • Session 3: Integrating sustainable development principles into development strategies in countries emerging from conflict
    • Session 4: Sustainable development challenges in the country(ies)
    • Session 5: Introduction to the Guidance Notes
    • Session 6: Sustainable development in the country(ies)
    • Session 7: Linking sustainable development challenges and priority areas
    • Session 8: Day one wrap-up
    • Session 9: Team debrief: day 1 wrap-up and next-day planning
    • Session 10: Discussion of the previous day's results
    • Session 11: Formulating and action plan
    • Session 12: Action plan working groups: brainstorming and planning
    • Session 13: Action plan working groups: presentation and discussion
    • Session 14: Workshop follow-up
    • Session 15: Closing Remarks
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