NSDS Training Manual - Technical Resources
Developing National Sustainable Development Strategies in Conflict-Affected Countries

Development Account Project (ROA 105)

A Development Strategy Assessment, which scopes the country context(s) that will be engaged in the workshop, is described in Workshop Preparation of the training Manual. In addition to that assessment, members of the Coordinating Team should join the workshop with general familiarity of the country context that will be reviewed in the workshop. Coordinating Team members can quickly orient themselves with the country context using these resources:

- BBC News Country Profiles(brief summary and history)

- World Bank Country Data Profiles(demographic and development statistics)

- World Factbook Country Profiles(brief summary and development data)

- Economic Intelligence Unit Country Profiles and Country Reports (country data summary; descriptions of economic, political and social issues; review of policy developments)

- United Nations country assistance mission websites (various information associated with UN missions and programs)

- World Bank country websites (documentation of country strategies and projects)

- Regional and local news outlets (review of current events and local issues - be sure to access news outlets that represent the views of government and opposition groups)

- International Crisis Group country reports (analysis on emergency issues)

United Nations