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Review of the Implementation of the OSCE Commitments in the Field of Energy Efficiency
UNECE, 2011
by: Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

The purpose of this report is to review the implementation of the OSCE1 commitments in the field of energy efficiency, which in this paper is taken in the broader sense of energy saving, also encompassing energy conservation.

The Permanent Council of the OSCE in its Decision Nº 959 of 2010 decided that the OSCE’s Nineteenth Economic and Environmental Forum would take as its theme: [the] “promotion of common actions and co-operation in the OSCE area in the fields of development of sustainable energy and transport”.

The Permanent Council further decided that the agenda of the Forum would include a “Dialogue on the promotion of sustainable energy, including new and renewable as well as traditional energy sources; good governance and transparency in the energy field; energy efficiency; lowcarbon energy technologies; and fostering of multi-stakeholder dialogue and co-operation between energy producers, consumers and transit countries”; as well as “Regional and
subregional co-operation on sustainable energy and transport, and sharing of best practices and exchange of experiences in these fields”. (OSCE, 2010.)

The agenda also was to include a review of the implementation of OSCE commitments in the economic and environmental dimension, and relevant to the theme of the Nineteenth Economic and Environmental Forum.

The focus of the review this year is energy efficiency development in the OSCE area.

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