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SIDS Special Day & IPMs

meeting photograph

A lunchtime side event on "The Survival of Small Island Developing States: Seeking a Breakthrough in Sustainable Development" was presented by the Commonwealth Secretariat
-Photo by ENB-

SIDS Special Day, 12 May 2008


The SIDS Day 2008 on the 16th session of the CSD addressed the special concerns of SIDS relating to issues under the review for the further implementation of the Mauritius Strategy, in respect of this cycle's thematic issues of land, agriculture, rural development, drought, desertification and Africa.

The United Nations Under-Secretary-General Mr. Sha Zukang called for building resilience in SIDS through adaptation and capacity building, which require multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder efforts. Many delegates highlighted the vulnerability of SIDS to climate change and its impact on food production and human livelihood, and the need for resilience-building strategies, early warning systems and risk management.

An Agro-Industry Exhibition was organized and launched, in an effort to demonstrate the rich potential and the range of products from agriculture and rural enterprise in SIDS. The SIDS Day also featured a number of partnership and side-events.