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MSI: Mauritius Strategy of Implementation + 5

MSI +5 High-level Review
New York, 24-25 Sep 2010

Member States undertook a 5-year review of the Mauritius Strategy for the Implementation of the Barbados Plan of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island States during the 65th Session of the General Assembly.

MSI +5 High-level Review Preparations

i. National Assessment Reports

In preparation for this High-Level event, SIDS Member States were requested to submit national assessment reports based on specific guidelines. These reports, complemented by information received from UN agencies, regional organizations and NGOs, formed the basis for three regional review meetings that were held in the Caribbean, Pacific and AIMS regions in early 2010.

ii. Three Regional Review Meetings & an Inter-regional Review Meeting

Three regional meetings (for the AIMS, Caribbean and Pacific regions) were held in preparation for the two-day high-level review of the Mauritius Strategy for the Further Implementation of the Barbados Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of SIDS, to be conducted at the sixty-fifth session of the General Assembly pursuant to resolution A/RES/63/213: [Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish].

  1. 8-9 February, 2010
    Pacific Regional Meeting
  2. 9-10 March, 2010
    AIMS Regional Meeting
  3. 16 & 18 March, 2010
    Caribbean Regional Meeting
  4. 8 May 2010
    Inter-regional Review Meeting
    New York

These meetings addressed progress made and the continuing challenges encountered in the implementation of the Mauritius Strategy, with special focus on the vulnerabilities of small island developing States. The regional meetings provided an opportunity for both national and regional assessment of actions taken in support of the Mauritius Strategy.

The national and regional assessments were then consolidated at the SIDS Day of the eighteenth session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-18).

iii. Preparatory Committee Meeting

  1. New York, 10 May 2010
    SIDS Day/Prep-Com (during CSD-18)

SIDS Day will served as the Preparatory Committee Meeting (Prep-Com) for the High-Level Review. The Prep-Com received the outcomes of the regional review meetings and determined the structure and conduct of the High-Level Review to be held in the following session of the General Assembly.