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BPoA: Barbados Programme of Action

Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States (SIDS)
Barbados, 25 Apr - 6 May 1994

Barbados Conference on SIDS


The Barbados Programme of Action (BPoA) was adopted on the first Global Conference on Sustainable Development of SIDS in Barbados 1994.

The BPoA and the Declaration of Barbados listed 15 priority areas for specific action:

  1. Climate change and sea-level rise;
  2. Natural and environmental disasters;
  3. Management of wastes;
  4. Coastal and marine resources;
  5. Freshwater resources;
  6. Land resources;
  7. Energy resources;
  8. Tourism resources;
  9. Biodiversity resources;
  10. National institutions and administrative capacity;
  11. Regional institutions and technical cooperation;
  12. Transport and communication;
  13. Science and technology;
  14. Human resource development;
  15. Implementation, monitoring and review

BPoA set forth specific actions and measures to be taken at the national, regional and international levels in support of the sustainable development of SIDS. The Barbados Global Conference was the first conference to translate Agenda 21 into a programme of action for a group of countries.

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