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Documentary Film Series


DSD, in collaboration with DPI, UN-TV and AOSIS, is pursuing the production of a series of short documentaries aimed at motivating urgent action to address the unique challenges and vulnerabilities of SIDS being exacerbated by the impacts of climate change.

Climate Change: Multiplier of Existing Vulnerabilities

Within the context of broader regional overviews, the stories of three countries have been chosen to convey key messages that resonate throughout the Caribbean, Pacific and AIMS regions.

1. Grenada

Grenada will be the focus country for highlighting the vulnerability of SIDS to natural disasters, such as hurricane Ivan, which devastated over 85% of the small island nation in 2004.

Watch the short film on this page or directly on youtube:

  • "Grenada: Tackling Climate Change"
    - Taking Action on Climate Change to Build Resilience and Promote the Sustainable Development of SIDS.
    - SIDS face unique challenges due to their small size and geographic isolation, which inherently bring a combination of economic, environmental and social constraints that undermine the ability of many to effectively pursue a sustainable development path.
    - Climate Change exacerbates these unique challenges, and as a threat multiplier, it has made climate change the most immediate threat to SIDS economies, livelihoods, and their overall efforts in achieving sustainable development.

Grenada: Tackling Climate Change

2. Vanuatu

The issue of food security will be explored through the experince of Vanuatu, where climate change-induced constant rainfall and flooding have severely damaged agricultural production.

3. Maldives

The Maldives, as one of the lowest-lying nations on the planet, will serve as the setting for underscoring the problem of sea-level rise.

In this light, climate change will be presented not as a stand-alone factor, but as a ‘multiplier of existing vulnerabilities.’