19th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development

Bureau related
CSD-19 Minutes of the Fifth Bureau Meeting

CSD-19 Minutes of the First Bureau Meeting

CSD-19 Minutes of the Fourth Bureau Meeting

CSD-19 Minutes of the Second Bureau Meeting

CSD-19 Minutes of the Third Bureau Meeting

SCP Presentation Annex 5 on Second Bureau Meeting

Secretary-General Reports

Meeting reports

Background papers/Special studies
CSD19/2011/BP2 - "Technology and Policy Options for making transport systems more sustainable" prepared by Karlson 'Charlie' Hargroves Adjunct Associate Professor Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute Principal Researcher, The Natural Edge Pro

CSD19/2011/BP3 - "Global overview on fuel efficiency and motor vehicle emission standards: Policy options and perspectives for international cooperation" prepared by Feng An, Robert Earley and Lucia Green-Weiskel, The Innovation Center for Energy and Tran

CSD19/2011/BP4 - Policies and legal options to promote the energy efficiency of private motor vehicles" prepared by Adrian J Bradbrook, Bonython Professor of Energy Law, University of Adelaide, Australia

CSD19/2011/BP8 - Bicycle Sharing Schemes: Enhancing Sustainable Mobility in Urban Areas

CSD19/2011/BP9 - Transport and Sustainable Development in the ESCWA Region

Other documents
CSD-18/19 Guidelines for National Reporting

CSD-19 Backgrounder: Greening Economies, Fighting Poverty, Living Better and Using Less

CSD-19 Guidelines for Major Groups

CSD-19 Guidelines for Participation

CSD-19 Partnerships Fair Guidelines

CSD-19: Information for major groups

Press release: New Initiative to Aid Local Governments in Managing Growing Waste Problem

Press release: United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development to Determine Options for Managing Waste, Impacts of Growing Global Consumer Culture

Registration Schedule for Major Groups & Member States

Summary of CSD and IPM briefing 16 December 2010

CSD-19 Note on the organization of work of the high-level segment

CSD-19 Organization of Work

CSD-19 Partnerships Fair Schedule

List of Panellists - High Level Segment of CSD-19

Side events
CSD-19 Guidelines for Organizers of Side Events

CSD-19 Highlights of Side Events

CSD-19 Programme of Side Events

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