CSD-19 Learning Center

Photo: Courtesy of IISD's Reporting Services
The Learning Centre is part of the official programme of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) and runs parallel to the CSD plenary sessions. Its aims at providing teaching and training at a practical level, enabling CSD participants to implement Agenda 21, the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation and other action frameworks in their countries.

Topics covered this year include the CSD-19 themes: Chemicals, Mining, The 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production, Transport, and Waste Management (hazardous and solid); as well as cross-cutting issues such as indicators and sustainable development law.

CSD-19 Learning Center Programme, Conference Room B, North Lawn Building
10am – 1pm
3pm – 6pm
Monday 2 May Good practices and partnerships for sustainable waste management

Sponsor: Ministry of Environment Sweden, UNEP

Sustainable consumption and production: Learning to live together

Sponsors: Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living; UNESCO; UNEP; Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea; Swedish Ministry of Environment

Tuesday 3 May Chemicals issues of importance for sustainable development

Sponsor: UNEP

Mining Industry in XXI: assessing sustainability, global and national governance, and participation of local communities

Sponsor: Columbia Univ

Wednesday 4 May No course conducted Policies for Sustainable Low Carbon Transport

Sponsor: SLoCaT Partnership

Thursday 5 May 10–11:30am

Implementing the 10YFP: A global research forum on sustainable production and consumption

Sponsor: Integrative Strategies Forum



Strategic Approach to collaborating with non-government organization and private sector partners to promote SCP in Asia

Sponsor: Cx Catalyst

Preparing the global way forward for mining

Sponsor: IGF

Friday 6 May Reaching globally agreed environmental goals: what do indicators tell us?

Sponsor: UNEP/DEWA

Chemicals and sustainable development: overcoming new challenges

Sponsor: Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions; UNEP Chemicals

Monday 9 May Synergizing resource efficiency with informal sector towards sustainable waste management

Sponsor: UNCRD and UN-Habitat

Freight sustainability: SmartWay Transport Partnership

Sponsor: US Environmental Protection Agency

Tuesday 10 May Negotiating customs and environmental ministry cooperation on hazardous waste management through inter-ministerial agreements

Sponsor: US Environmental Protection Agency

Presentations: Background document:
Sustainable Development and Transport: Practical Solutions

Sponsor: UIC and ITDP

United Nations