Name Affiliation/Title Presentation
Opening Statements
Bang Ki-Yual President, Korean Energy Economics Institute (KEEI), Republic of Korea Speech
Tariq Banuri Director, Division for Sustainable Development, UNDESA Speech

Welcome Messages

Kang Nam-Hoon Director-General for Energy Policy, Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE), Republic of Korea Welcome Address
Yeo Hyung-Koo Director-General for Comprehensive Transport Policy, Ministry of Land, Transport & Maritime Affairs, Republic of Korea Welcome Address
H.E. Louis Alberto Ferraté Felice Minister of the Environment & Natural Resources, Guatemala; Chairman of CSD-18 Welcome Address


Name Affiliation/Title Presentation

Keynote address

Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker Lead Author of “Factor V”;
Co-Chair, International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management
Perspectives for Reducing Resource Use in Urban Transport
Karlson Hargroves Executive Director, The Natural Edge Project,
Griffith University and The University of Adelaide
A Convenient Truth: Perspectives for Reducing Resource Use in Urban Transport

Session I:
Trends and issues in development of urban public transport

Sangjin Han Centre for Green Growth Research
Korea Transport Institute
Reshaping Transport System for Green Growth in Korea
Li Huaqiang &

Guo Jinyi
Vice Department Chief, Department of Road Transport, Ministry of Transport (MOT), China

Senior Researcher, China Academy of Transport Sciences
Policy Options for Public Transport Development in Chinese Cities
Sanjeev Kumar Lohia OSD (Urban Transport) & E.O. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development, India Development of Urban Public Transport Infrastructure and Services in India: Initiatives, Challenges and Potentials for International Cooperation
M. Ph. Jorge Macias Environment Consultant, Center for Sustainable Transport, Mexico Assessing the multiple co-benefits of urban public transport

Session II:
National experiences and case studies in expanding urban public transport services for sustainable development

Mohamed Fathy Farag Ali Project Manager for the Sustainable Transport Project funded by UNDP/GEF, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), Minstry of Environment. Cairo, Egypt Sustainable Transport Project for Egypt
Sandra Lopez Advisor, Climate Change Mitigation Group, Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Planning, Republic of Colombia National experiences in expanding urban public transport services: BRTs in Bogota, Cali and Pereira; Cable cars in Medellin
Seyed Mehdi Tashakkori Hashemi Senior Advisor to Mayor of Tehran; Professor, Amirkabir University of Technology Urban Public Transport Planning in Tehran and the outcome of the implemented BRT-Lines
Tayo Orekoya Director, Corporate and Investment Planning, Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority, Nigeria The Bus Rapid Transit System in Lagos, Nigeria
Daryati Asrining Rini Head, TransJakarta Management Body, Jakarta, Indonesia Urban Public Transport System in Jakarta
Lloyd Wright Executive Director, Viva Cities, South Africa; Consultant to UNCRD Bus Rapid Transit: Selected case studies and projects in Africa

Session III:
Roundtable Discussion: New ways to finance public transport projects/systems of developing countries

Daniel Bongardt Transport Advisor, SUTP Project Director, German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ) The Road from Copenhagen: Options for Promoting Investment in Sustainable Urban Transport
Holly Krambeck Carbon Finance Unit, World Bank Climate-based Financing Mechanisms in Practice: Urban Transport GHG Mitigation
Osamu Mizuno Senior Program Manager, Climate Change Mitigation, Global Environment Facility (GEF) Investing Sustainable Urban Transport (GEF's experience)
Peter O'Neill Lead Infrastructure Specialist, World Bank Urban Transport in Developing Countries: Challenges, Strategies and Examples
Michael Pellot Director of Research and Development and International Affairs Transportation, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), Spain Shared Responsibilities in Public Transport Between Authorities and Operators
Graham Smith Director, HSBC Project and Export Finance, United Kingdom How Banks Look at BRT Projects (and what cities can learn from them)

Associated special event:
Asian mayors signing the Kyoto declaration on the promotion of environmentally sustainable transport (EST) in cities

Welcome Remarks
H.E. Louis Alberto Ferraté Felice

Minister of the Environment & Natural Resources, Guatemala; Chairman of CSD18

Welcome Remarks and Statement
Osami Sagisaka Director General, Environmental Transport Policy Division, Environmental Management Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan Welcome remarks and statement

Kang Jong-Pil Director General of Climate Change Bureau, Seoul Metropolitan Government Climate change and eco-friendly transportation policy
Kazunobu Onogawa Director, United Nations Centre for regional development (UNCRD) Asian environmentally sustainable transport (EST) initiative, integrated strategy and Kyoto Declaration on the promotion of environmentally sustainable transport in cities
Lloyd Wright Executive Director, Viva Cites and Expert Member of the Regional EST Forum City Transformations: Making it happen

The Kyoto Declaration with signatories

Session IV:
Technological progress in motor vehicle technology

Oh Jeon-Keun Team Leader, Battery Business Unit, SK Energy, Republic of Korea Enabling e-mobility: Overview on battery technology development for electric vehicles
Francisca Duarte Pacheco Consultant, Lissabon, Portugal Portuguese Electric Mobility Program
Sophie Punte &

Cornie Huizenga
Executive Director, Clean Air Initiative for Asian cities (CAI-Asia), Manila, The Philippines

Board Member of Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) and Convener, Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLOCAT) Partnership
Opportunities and Challenges for Fuel and Emission Reductions in Trucks in China and Asia
Akira Sekiya National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Reducing the Climate Impacts of Mobile Air Conditioning

Session V:
Innovative business models for green growth
Robin Chase Co-Founder of Zip-Car and Founder of Goloco, USA Sharing cars: What works, What Hinders and How Technology Can Help
Frank Tietze Institute for Technology and Innovation Management, Hamburg University of Technology and Co-Founder of ARKTIK-GmbH, Germany Innovative Business Models in Offsetting Emissions from Private Motor Vehicles: The Case of ARKTIK- a System Innovation for Sustainable Mobility from Germany

Session VI:
Policy options for promotion of fuel efficient cars
Adrian Bradbrook Professor, Adelaide University, Australia Overview on Fiscal Policy Options to Promote Sustainable Transport
Takashi Gunjima &

Mr. Ohki
President, Japan Automobile Recycling Center, Japan

Senior Managing Director, Japan Automobile Recycling Center, Japan
End-of-life vehicle recycling: Japan's automotive recycling law
Roh Keon Ki Director, Energy Cooperation Division, Ministy of Knowledge Economy (MKE), Republic of Korea Promotion of Fuel Efficient Vehicles in Republic of Korea
Drew Kodjak Executive Director, International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), USA International Experience with Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Economy Standards
Kim Young-Duk&

Han Hyun-Ok&

Moon Young Seok
Pusan National University, Republic of Korea

Korea Energy Economics Institute, Republic of Korea
Can a gasoline tax reduce carbon emissions?

Session VII:
Promotion of non-motorized transport
Kim Ki Ho Director, Asian Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainability, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea How to Reduce CO2 Emission: An Urban Design Approach thru Greenways
Christian Schlosser Human Settlements Officer, Human Settlements Financing Division, UNHABITAT Compact Urban Development and Reduction of Motorized Travel, Energy Use and CO2 Emissions

Conclusion & Recommendations
United Nations