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Statements & Presentations
Capacity Building Workshop on Partnerships for Improving the Performance of Water Utilities in the Africa Region

Number of statements/presentations: 25

Session 1: Managing Water and Sanitation Services in Urban Areas - Issues and Challenges
Aslam Chaudhry, UN DESA
Meeting W&S Goals in Africa: Role of Public Water Utilities
Daniel Adom, UN-HABITAT
Water for African Cities: Issues and Challenges in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas
Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company
Milestones and Challenges
Roohi Abdullah, Consultant/UN DESA
Policy Framework for Small Scale Water Providers in Africa
Stephen M. Donkor, UNECA
Monitoring Water Development for Urban Environments in Africa
Session 2: Strengthening Institutional Governance and Accountability
Alain Morel, WSP
Contractualisation - Making Public Utilities More Accountable
Antonio Miranda, UNSG Advisory Board on WATSAN
Institutional Framework for Improving the Performance of Water Operations
Emanuele Lobina, PSIRU, University of Greenwich
Workers in Partnerships and the Reform of the Public Water Operations
Graham Alabaster, UN-HABITAT
Water and Sanitation in Small Urban Centres
Hakan Tropp, SIWI/Water Integrity Network
Water Governance: Applying Anti-corruption in Water
Symerre Grey-Jonnson, African Forum for Utilities Regulators, AFUR
Regulation of Public Utilities in Africa: AFUR- a platform that advocates for strong Institutional Governance and Accountability in Africa
Umberto Triulzi, IPALMO
Monitoring the Global Water Policy: the Contribution of Utilities
William Muhairwe, NWSC, Uganda
Improving Performance - Case of National Water & Sewerage Corporation
Session 3: Financing Water and Sanitation Services
David Le Blanc, UN DESA
Water Tariffs and Subsidies in Africa : Impact on Poverty, Expansion of Water Services and Sustainability of Utilities
Gerard Payen
Water & sanitation services Enhancing Access to finance for Local Governments / Operators
Meera Mehta, Consultant, W&S Program
Financing Mechanisms and Reforms to Leverage Local Resources
Sven-Erik Skogsfors, SIWI
Experiences and Lessons Learned in Financing Municipal Water Services
Presentation Notes
Timeyin Uwejamomere, WaterAid UK
Community Finance as Instruments to Facilitate WatSan Services to the Urban Poor - WaterAid’s Experiences in South Asia
Session 4: Promoting Partnerships Among Water Operators
Atelier de renforcement de Capacité sur les Partenariats pour l’Amélioration des Performances des Sociétés d’eau en Afrique
Antonio Miranda
Water Operators Partnerships – WOPs
Keith Robertson, IWA
Role of IWA in supporting WOPs
Rand Water
WOPs - The Rand Water Experience
Symerre Grey-Johnson, African Forum for Utility Regulators
The Role of The Regulator in Bridging the Water Access-gap
Water Utility Partnership
Current Status, Strategic and Institutional Framework