Dominica Low Carbon Climate Resilient Development Strategy 2012‐ 2020
Climate Investment Funds, 2012
by: Climate Investment Funds

The Low‐carbon Climate‐resilient Development Strategy 2012‐2020 for Dominica, by Climate Investment Funds, is aimed at furthering Dominicaís efforts in the transformation to a green economy. The strategy recognises the challenges that Small Island Developing States face with regard to the impacts of climate change. In response to this, the low‐carbon strategy puts forward a plan to achieve the islandís sustainable development goals whilst meeting critical social development and poverty reduction targets.

The strategy begins by setting the development context for the island, which documents the existing development plans and programs, before analysing the policy, legal and institutional elements of low‐carbon development. Following this, the strategy identifies the rationale for climate change financing and investment and then documents the implementation plan for the Council for Environment, Climate Change and Development, accountable for the delivery of the low‐carbon development strategy.

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