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News by Topic: Oceans & Seas
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Making commitments to save our ocean
11 Apr 2017 - Healthy oceans are critical for sustaining life, eliminating poverty and promoting prosperity. The time is now to move from words to actions to conserve and sustainably use our oceans, seas and marine resources.
President of the UN General Assembly addresses Ocean Issues in Senegal
27 Mar 2017 - The President of the General Assembly, H.E. Peter Thomson, met today in Dakar with the H.E. Oumar Gueye, Senegal’s Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy, to discuss Ocean issues.
Blog: treasure or tragedy – our ocean commons
23 Mar 2017 - The sea was a bit too choppy for my liking. But there was a volcano erupting inland. The sea looked like a safer option! I took the plunge and jumped off the boat with my snorkel and fins.

Around me was a new world. So serene, so many layers...
Healthy oceans are needed for a sustainable future
20 Mar 2017 - Yet mankind has put the oceans at risk of irreversible damage. Overfishing, ocean acidification, increasing pollution, unsustainable coastal development, and the unwanted impacts of extracting resources have resulted in a decreasing abundance of marine species as well as decreasing economic benefits to small island developing States and Least Developed Countries.
Blog: ocean acidification – what it means and how to stop it
14 Mar 2017 - What is ocean acidification, and why is it so important to ocean sustainability and therefore to the SDG agenda?
Blog: Celebrating the crucial role of women in fisheries on International Women's Day 2017
8 Mar 2017 -
Blog: The way forward for reducing marine pollution
6 Mar 2017 -
Mr. Wu’s Blog on Oceans & Seas
7 Aug 2014 - A key priority for SIDS is oceans and seas, along with coastal areas.
DESA News - Feature articles
1 May 2014 - Renewing focus on sustainable islands; Good governance – recognizing indigenous peoples for who they are; Cities for a sustainable future