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Partnerships for sustainable development -- voluntary, multi-stakeholder initiatives aimed at implementing sustainable development -- were an important complementary outcome of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD). At its 11th Session in May 2003, the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) reaffirmed that these partnerships contribute to the implementation of intergovernmental commitments, recognizing that partnerships are a complement to, not a substitute for, intergovernmental commitments.

Partnerships wishing to be associated with the follow-up to WSSD, and interested in participating in partnership activities including the CSD Partnerships Fairs, should register with the CSD Secretariat.

Detailed information on registered partnerships is available through the CSD Partnerships Database. The information provided by registered partnerships form the basis for summary reports prepared by the CSD Secretariat.

In addition to information on registered partnerships, the CSD Secretariat also maintains a listing of activities and/or processes undertaken to initiate partnerships for sustainable development which were initiated at the time of the WSSD.

About the Partnerships Database

The CSD Partnerships database was first launched in February 2004, in response to a request from the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) at its 11th session.

The database was redesigned in May 2006 to increase user-friendliness, improve site navigation and enable easier access to partnerships-related information. New features added include a partnerships events calendar and searchable listings of partnerships-related web links, publications and articles.

The information contained in this online resource is based on voluntary self-reports from partnerships registered with the Commission on Sustainable Development. A majority of these initiatives were initiated in the context of the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) and its follow-up.

This user-friendly database facilitates increased sharing of experience and knowledge on the implementation of sustainable development. It also assists individual partnership initiatives in their efforts to attract new partners and donors. The database is searchable by a variety of parameters:

  • Browse Database
    You can browse the database by an alphabetical listing of partnership titles, geographic scope or lead partner name.
  • Search Database
    The database is searchable by a variety of parameters including Simple and Advanced Search options.
  • Partnerships seeking Resources Search
    Here you can search for partnerships that are seeking funding and non-financial resources.
  • Partnership Proposals Search
    Here you can search for partnerships that are still at the proposal stage and are seeking partners and resources.
  • Statistics
    Trend statistics are generated based on current data in the partnership database entries.