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Welcome to the CSD Partnerships e-Forum. The CSD Partnerships Team offers this service to members of CSD registered Partnerships to help foster alliances, shared lessons learned, encourage the sharing of best practices as well as follow up on meetings, conferences, and publications. New set of discussion themes will be offered in preparation for the CSD-16 session. Please check this site often in the coming months for further details.

To Access the E-Forum:

Profile owners - For individuals who have secure access to update partnership information on the CSD database:

  1. Enter your e-DESA login username and password into the box to the right.
  2. Select 'Go to the E-Forum'

Other members of CSD Partnerships - Additional members of CSD registered Partnerships can request membership to the E-Forum by sending an email to the Partnerships Team briefly explaining your affiliation to the registered CSD Partnership. Further instructions will follow via email.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The views expressed in the Partnerships e-Forum do not represent those of the United Nations. The United Nations will not be held responsible for the content of posts made by participants.
  2. Participants must be respectful in their comments. Offensive, rude or derogatory language is not permitted. Participants that fail to obey this rule may be barred from the e-Forum.
  3. Participants must not post copyrighted material that is not owned by themselves or the United Nations.
  4. The United Nations reserves the right to delete any post at any time.
  5. The language of the e-Forum will be English.