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CSD-14 Partnerships Fair (2006)


The Partnerships Fair at the Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD) provides a venue for partnerships for sustainable development to network, identify partners, create synergies between partnerships and learn from each other's experiences.  The Partnerships Fair is part of the official programme of the CSD.

Key Components of the CSD-14 Partnerships Fair

  1. "Partnerships in Practice" Interactive discussions: Sessions will be organized to generate dialogue on practical issues related to partnerships in the CSD 14/15 thematic cluster and on issues common to all partnerships, such as challenges related to communication strategies and funding.
  2. Partnership Presentations: Registered partnerships will have the opportunity to present information about their initiatives and engage in discussion and Q&A (40 -50 minute time slots)
  3. Partnerships Information Desks: Representatives from registered partnerships will be able to display and distribute information on their respective partnerships and directly interact with CSD participants.

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