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Registration Criteria & Guidelines

Governments at CSD-11 decided that partnerships within the context of the WSSD process and its follow-up should be developed and implemented in accordance with a set of agreed criteria and guidelines, taking note of the preliminary work undertaken on partnerships during the preparatory process for WSSD including the Bali Guiding Principles and General Assembly resolution A/RES/56/76).

Partnerships that are consistent with the criteria and guidelines, are encouraged to register with the CSD Secretariat.

The registration of partnerships with the CSD Secretariat is voluntary. However, it was agreed at CSD-11 that, once registered, partnerships should submit a regular report, preferably at least on a biennial basis.

If you are part of a partnership that is still in the Proposal stage, i.e. still looking for partners and/or still looking for resources for implementation, you can submit your information for inclusion in our Partnerships Proposals Database.