Advisory Committee of the Marrakech Process
Co-Chairs of the Advisory Committee for the Marrakech Process

Ms. Claudia Mora Pineda

Ms. Claudia Mora Pineda,
Vice-Minister of Environment,

Mr. Michael Muller

Mr. Michael Muller,
Parliamentary State Secretary,
Ministry of Environment, Germany

The Advisory Committee is a body of experts drawn from all regions and key stakeholder groups whose purpose is to provide guidance to UNEP and UNDESA in developing and implementing the Marrakech Process on sustainable consumption and production.

Main duties:

  • assist in the development of a 10-year framework of programmes (10YFP);
  • provide expert advice on other activities being implemented under the Marrakech Process, such as international expert meetings and partnership initiatives;
  • support the communication strategy of theMarrakech Process; and
  • assist the Secretariat in efforts to mobilize financial resources for the various activities being organized under the Marrakech Process.
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