Input to the Ten Year Framework

This revised version of the third public draft (September 2009) of "Input to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development on a 10-year framework of programmes (10YFP) on sustainable consumption and production" document integrates comments received from:

  • the Advisory Committee,
  • Task Forces,
  • countries and
  • other stakeholders.

It also integrates some outcomes of the Regional Implementation Meetings (RIMS) and the Marrakech Process regional consultations.

This is a working document, integrating comments received so far on the 3rd Public Draft released in September 2009. The Secretariat is making it available to be transparent and show progress. The 4th Public Draft will be released after the CSD18 (may 2010) and will be open for consultation until one month prior to the 4th International Expert Meeting on SCP (date and venue to be confirmed).

Please share this document with your constituents and networks. We would like to have feedback from the broadest possible range of stakeholders.

All stakeholder groups are invited to submit some specific activities or programmes that their group feel would be the most important in fostering the transition to sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Revisions of this document and inputs received from all stakeholders will continue to be posted on Marrakech Process and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) websites.

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