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About the Marrakech Process
A fair price for energy must be fair to buyers and sellers, but also to the earth and to future generations.
The Marrakech Process is a global multi-stakeholder process to support the implementation of SCP and to develop a Global Framework for Action on SCP, the so-called 10-Year Framework of Programmes on SCP (10YFP). The 10YFP will be reviewed by the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) during the 2010/11 two-year cycle.

The Process responds to the call of the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation (World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002) to support the regional and national initiatives to accelerate the shift towards SCP patterns, thus de-linking economic growth from environmental degradation.

UNEP and UN DESA are the leading agencies of this global process, with an active participation of national governments, development agencies, business and industry, civil society and other stakeholders. The first meeting devoted to developing the10 YFP took place in Marrakech, Morocco in June 2003, hence the name.

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