Major Groups Workspaces
Major groups workspaces?
Shared online workspaces provide channels for stakeholder organizations to develop common positions on various sustainable development issues across the nine major groups sectors identified in Agenda 21. Several workspaces are already active in the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

How can I contribute?
Any type of organization that represents stakeholders in sustainable development may request a user account to this website and contribute directly to these workspaces. Please consult this page to see how you can receive your account information.

Major Groups sectors

Agenda 21 defined nine sectors of society, roughly representing critical collectives of economic, social and technical stakeholders in sustainable development, that have since been known as the “major groups”. It is through these major groups sectors that non-state actors engage with the intergovernmental process. However, working across the nine sectors to develop inter-disciplinary policy recommendations has been found to greatly strengthen the contributions of major groups to the sustainable development process. Major groups shared online workspaces facilitate these efforts.

Once signed in to your account, please access My Organizational Profile and select which major groups sector (or sectors) your organization coordinates with. This will help to channel your contributions appropriately.
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